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Featured Books

Behind Broken Glass Walls

By N.M Aaroones

Abuse. A Gun. And Her Daughter.

You never know how strong you are until you are forced into a situation that tests every ounce of your strength. This is what one mother learns when she finds out that the person who committed a shooting at her daughter’s high school was indeed her daughter. Her feelings are a mix of every emotion, but what bothers her the most is that even though she knows that her daughter took the lives of many others, she can’t help but love her the same that she always did - maybe even more. It is this love for her daughter that curses her existence, and makes her question her loyalties. Learn what it means to love a child when everyone else sees her as a murderer, and experience what it feels like to love someone who you no longer understand.

What are the limits on your love?

In addition to writing and publishing books, N.M. Aaroones runs a monthly subscription box. Literary Vacation Club promotes independent and self-published authors. Striving to connect readers to the works of new and exciting authors.


Each box comes with two books and a variety of items designed around the five senses.  Literary Vacation Club truly provides their customers with an immersive literary experience.

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