Jennifer Sanders

About the Author

  Jennifer learned a love of historical fiction and romance from her mother, but her love for fantasy grew all on its own. Combining the two is one of her favorite pastimes, and one in which she has been indulging since her youth. She has several other novels available, including Force Majeure, Freeing Fortune, and Mr. Pembroke’s Ward. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and cats.

Other Books by Jennifer Sanders
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Force Majeure

Magic... and murder?

Reclusive witch Hulda van Dusen has spent the last five years hiding at home with her beloved Grandpapa, but suddenly he’s gone, and the circumstances don't add up.

A series of monstrous, magical attacks makes it clear: someone wants her dead too.

But Hulda's a fighter, and has magic of her own—as do her genius brother and pyromaniac sister. And putting the puzzle together with the help of some new friends might just teach her how to live again—if it doesn't kill her first.


Freeing Fortune

Linnea Santiago loves everything about Ben Fortune. Sadly, he’s a fictional character.

And now he's standing in her living room.

Mr. Fortune was supposed to remain the hero of Linnea's favorite Regency romance, Fortune's Folly. But Linnea has stumbled across a magic spell in the library archives, and now Ben Fortune is real, adjusting to the 21st century—and changing the plot in every copy of Fortune's Folly, wreaking havoc by his absence. Worse yet, his young sister is now in danger, and he needs to go back into the book to save her.


Can Linnea find the right spell to send him back to fictional Regency England—and does she even want to?

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Mr. Pembroke's Ward

He discarded his dreams to hide what he’s become.

She sacrificed everything to protect what’s most dear to her.

Have they found family at last—or will their secrets drive them apart?

Forever changed by a mysterious past, Hugh Pembroke has given up any thought of home and family until the death of an old friend makes him the guardian of a child he’s never seen. Little Lettie is frightened and alone, and he longs to give her the life she deserves.

Aoife Donnelly has given up everything: her name, her status, all she values most, to protect her own secret. Accepting a position at Juris Hall as governess to Mr. Pembroke’s ward seems to offer the security she seeks.

But Lettie’s grandfather, the vengeful Viscount Rainsford, will stop at nothing to ruin them all. It will take a miracle to save them—or perhaps just a little magic.

Can Hugh and Aoife trust each other enough to keep Lettie safe—and maybe find happiness as well?