Living in the quaint farming village of Brittendell offered a simple life of home and family. When Aislynn, the daughter of a local farmer, and Rorin, the son of a wealthy horse trader, married, another charming love story enlivened the tranquil town. Aislynn and Rorin were profoundly connected, but their relationship came to a screeching halt when Rorin was killed in a tragic accident. Their bond sends Aislynn into a spiraling depression as she continues sensing Rorin’s presence. Soon, Aislynn finds herself thrust into a dangerous world of magic filled with hobgoblins, elves, and wizards. When Aislynn is captured by the future king of Venallis and forced to help him uncover a mysterious magical artifact she discovers that fate has far greater plans for her than she ever imagined. Perhaps death is not always the end.


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  After six months Rosehaven is beginning to regain some of its former beauty. However, Aislynn continues to be plagued by disembodied voices, and they’re influence is growing. Her dreams are filled with dark portents, and though Aislynn has no training in the art of future seeking, she can’t shake the feeling that the nightmares are more than simple dreams. Ciaran himself, struggles to find his footing as king. The needs of the people are overwhelming at times and the nobles are urging him to form an alliance with Wiettan, by marrying Queen Lylliane. On top of all of this, lamias have begun raiding the settlements and villages in the mountains that border Rosehaven. Perhaps peace is not as simple as it seems.



  In the three months since Aislynn agreed to return to Elize’s side, dark forces settled across the land. She sought, to save Ciaran and the people of the mountain village, but now Venallis is under siege and Rosehaven has fallen to the armies of Queen Vesspial and the netherworld. Ciaran’s soldiers struggle to fight against nightly attacks led by Elize and her blood mage Soulmate, Nathair. Their numbers are dwindling, and their ability to keep evil at bay is waning.

  After refusing to perform the final sacrifice to sustain the nethergate, Aislynn and Rorin started working with Ssarif and his band of rebel lamias to bring an end to Elize’s brutal assault on Venallis. Aislynn continues to struggle with her feelings for Ciaran and her commitment to her Soulmate. The only thing she knows for certain, is that she must stop Elize. The battle for Venallis is at hand, and the price of peace may be greater than anyone anticipates.

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