The Twisted Path

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She gave up everything in the hope of a new life.


He was determined to make his own future.


But when murder and betrayal interrupt their plans and upend their lives, they must run from everything they held dear—or die.


Daughter of one of the most powerful families in the desert realm of Arthan, Kenna’s betrothal to the eldest son of a noble family in the newly-formed kingdom of Venallis offered the perfect combination of duty and the adventure she longed for, filling the road ahead of her with promise.


Second son of the High Lord, Niall would never inherit the wealth and position destined for his brother, instead finding purpose in service to King Fergal of Venallis. The path set for him was a straight and unwavering one: returning home for his brother’s wedding was only a minor bend in the road.


Until they heard the cry of the banshee and everything changed—forever.

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