Seer's Choice


The future was hers to divine—but he was the one thing she could not foresee.

Setting London’s secret Fae-touched community on its ear with her exceptional beauty and rare gifts, oracle Ione Brentwood’s future seems both secure–and predictable. When she jilts her fiancé on the eve of her wedding, she is banished to Scotland by her irate father, setting her feet on a path she never foretold: one that could lead her to happiness—or despair.

His future has been thrust upon him, far too soon and for the most hellish of reasons..

With his father’s murderer still at large, Geordie Maclaren heads north to partake in his clan’s traditional ceremony to pass the mantle of clan Chief. Distracted by the presence of the enchanting Miss Brentwood, he soon discovers that the threat is still very real—and coming for them both.

Will they find safety in one another’s arms–or will they find destruction?

Healer's Touch


A Fae-touched healer who can’t access his magic—and whose death has been foretold.

A child of the Fae with no magic of her own, kidnapped by mistake.

Disillusioned by his life as a doctor in Victorian-era London, Ross McInerny plans a new start in the wilds of Colorado—but on the very eve of his departure, his future is predicted: death--by means of murder most foul.

Elsie Brentwood longs for adventure and a life that’s truly her own, but when she is mistaken for her sister-in-law, she finds herself taken captive by an old family enemy who threatens everything she holds dear.

Lost, injured, and chased by both a vengeful murderer and inexorable fate, Elsie and Ross must rely on their wits and each other to find their way home—alive.

Lady of the Loch


Raised to view the world through science, she is surrounded by magic she cannot see.


Orphaned Charlotte “Charlie” Whitfield has been raised by her eccentric uncle on the shores of Scotland’s most famous loch, hunting for scientific evidence of the beast that lives within. But there’s more than one monster on the loose, and when Charlie’s uncle goes missing, she must open her eyes to the truth of what’s around her—lest she be taken too.


He has dedicated his life to queen and country—but has he found something else to live for?


Special agent Asher Burton is on assignment to find the missing scientist, but the circumstances are far more than he bargained for: portals to other realms, a mysterious creature in the waters of Loch Ness, and a deadly Fae unleashed. Asher must pit his wits and will against absolute magic to bring his quarry home—and to protect the remarkable Charlie Whitfield.


In a place where nothing is quite what it seems, can Asher and Charlie unravel the mystery in time—or will they fall victim to the menace that threatens to devour them all?

Agent of Change

AoCKindle cover.jpg

One mistake ruined her life.

Abandoned by her first love---or so she believed---Lady Constance Mayweather carved out a life of security for herself and her son with a man she did not love. When her husband is murdered and her child stolen, she must rely on the one man she knows she should not trust to bring her son safely home.

One mistake cost him everything.

Wealthy, witty, sinfully handsome Quinn Rutherford is the despair of hopeful Victorian debutantes: a man with nothing better to do than gamble, drink, and seduce his way into an early grave. But this shallow exterior hides her Majesty’s perfect Agency operative: clever, ruthless, reckless, fearless. A tangled web of murder, kidnapping, and a plot against the throne lead Quinn to brave the dangers of the Fae realm itself to save the woman he loved and lost---and the child he never knew---from forces he cannot fully comprehend.

In a race against magic, time, and the pain of the past, can they get to their son before he is lost to the Fae realm forever?

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